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Tony - The Homeless Man

A few winters ago, Tony was living on the street, sleeping under the 6th Street bridge or wherever else he could find some sort of cover.

Then the weather changed.

"When the rain started coming, I had a hard time trying to find a place to sleep," he says. "The Nomadic Shelter was the only other place I could go that was immediate."

"When I got to the Nomadic Shelter, I didn't expect to be blessed the way I was," Tony remembers. "It was just like hitting the gates of heaven. It was very welcoming."

One of the people Tony met was Nancy, who was volunteering. God had ordained them to be friends. There's just no other way to say it. Unprompted by anyone at the Mission, Nancy decided she wanted to help Tony.

"I needed help getting my social security, I needed help going to doctor's appointments, I needed help doing all kinds of things," says Tony. "Nancy got involved, and so we started hanging out, she started taking me to my doctor's appointments, helped me get new glasses, and and ID. I didn't have an ID before for 30 something years! She got me started."

"I was broken inside, and I was physically broken, but once I hit the Nomadic Shelter, everything changed. It seemed like everything was healing for me, and that's where I met Nancy," Tony says. "I have a lot of connections now and all that stems from the Nomadic Shelter."

Now Tony and Nancy go to church together, and Tony has become part of Nancy's extended family.

"I thank God because without that Nomadic Shelter, I don't know what I would have done." says Tony. "Now I'm taking care of myself with His help, Nancy's help, the church's help and everybody else."

Through connections he made at the Nomadic Shelter, Tony went from being homeless, not having an ID for 30 years and having no bank account, to getting his ID back, establishing a bank account, getting new glasses, a room of his own, deepening his relationships with Jesus and others and healing in amazing ways.

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